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We have observed robots taking over a huge list of human activities and functions. From managing inventories to assisting doctors in operation theatres, robots are constantly making lives easier for the human race. Now, Bon Robotics is developing a robot named ‘Diana’ that can potentially make the lives of dementia patients much comfortable.

Dementia: Dementia is defined as “a group of symptoms affecting memory, thinking and social abilities severely enough to interfere with your daily life.” The disease is caused by damage to or loss of nerve cells and their connections in the brain and the complications depend on what part of the brain is damaged.

A lot of research and advancement have been carried out on treating dementia and how to minimize the pain and suffering of the victims. The number of people suffering from dementia currently stands at 45 million and is projected to increase to 75 million by 2030, as reported by the World Health Organisation

Diana Robot: With its built-in Artificial Intelligence technology and machine learning, Diana robot will serve as a revolutionary invention developed to interact with humans and to perform their daily functions including but not limited to setting morning routines, appointments and reminders, making voice and video calls, carrying out AI-chat with the humans, and providing assistance with other routine functions.

Relieving stress and anxiety, Individuals suffering from dementia often face stress and anxiety due to a lack of interaction resulting in isolation. Diana robot stays with the person for all the time and keeps them engaged with different activities. Its chat feature allows the person to communicate with the robot as well.

Performing minor daily routine functions, It gets extremely difficult for dementia patients to carry out little tasks on their own. Diana robot takes care of it for them. Using its facial recognition and voice command features, the robot can perform a lot of small tasks such as turning lights and television on and off, making emergency calls, opening doors, etc.

Assisting human caregivers, surprisingly, Diana robot can not only assist the patients suffering from dementia but also the caregivers assigned to them. From casting medication reminders to providing regular updates to the caregivers, Diana robot has proved to be a great assistant in taking care of a dementia patient.

Diana Robot is an invention made by the team working at Bon Robotics. They are constantly evaluating the performance of this robot to ensure maximum benefits it can provide for the social care of patients with different mental and physical disabilities. With more studies being conducted by them, it is becoming quite evident that Social Care Robotics will change the game for the healthcare industry.

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